6 Jobs You Can Work While Living Full Time In Your RV



If you find a way to make enough money to cover your travel and lifestyle expenses, you can enjoy full time RV living before you retire. Not everyone enjoying the RV lifestyle is living off of their savings:

In fact, less than half of all Workampers consider themselves retired. With the median age being 53, it is obvious that the majority of Workampers are not drawing a pension and cannot subsist on rent-free camping alone. – Workamper News

Enterprising campers can find thousands of jobs that fit their taste for adventure and constant traveling. Some allow you to be your own boss, while others are simple part-time gigs that require no special training. Consider these six great opportunities for income while cruising in your recreational vehicle.

1. Campground Reviewer

If you are a seasoned camper and have good writing skills, market yourself as a reviewer to some of the numerous RV directories. New campgrounds open each month and these directories are constantly in need of updates to older reviews. You can help other campers find a great place to stay while earning a tidy sum of money for each review. Many campgrounds also offer free camping to reviewers to give them an incentive to visit.

2. Traveling Services

Learning a new trade or using your existing skills could help you set up a lucrative traveling service for other campers. Food vending, repairs for appliances, tailoring or even tax preparation could work for both retired and younger travelers.

3. State And National Park Caretakers

Trading a few hours a day for a free RV site and a small monthly stipend draws thousands of RV workers to the caretaker positions offered by parks around the country. These parks need part-time residents to manage campgrounds or recreational sites. Collecting entry fees and empty trash cans for a few months, then move on to the next position.

4. Salesman

The traditional image of the traveling salesman has been updated with the advent of Class C motorhomes. Set up new contracts with doctors for pharmaceutical companies or sell power tools to construction teams. This job works best for charasmatic travelers who enjoying meeting new people on a daily basis. Many companies have programs that allow you to set your own sales quotas. When you earn the income you need for the month or the year you can spend the rest of the time as you please.

Source: Workamper News, “What is Workamping?”

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