Our RV Warranty Forever Program


Some RV shoppers don’t know that CCRV offers an “RV Warranty Forever” program. That means you enjoy the benefits of a real warranty for as long as you own your RV. Unlike many other RV dealerships, when we say “forever,” we mean forever. Buying an RV is a monumental purchase, and we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

Benefits of the RV Warranty Forever

Our RV Warranty Forever is full of benefits. In fact, you can’t go wrong when you purchase a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel in our RV Warranty Forever program.

  • Rest assured that there is never a deductible. We cover 100-percent of your parts and labor costs no matter where you have your RV repaired in the country.
  • We do not have a maximum ownership term.
  • You’ll never have to pay for costly repairs to the most pricey components of your RV again. Perform the RV Warranty Forever recommended maintenance, and all of your RV repairs will be covered forever.
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind as you travel throughout the country for the duration of your RV ownership experience.
  • We’re the only true lifetime RV warranty in the industry, so you know you’re getting the best deal when shopping with us.

RV Maintenance Requirements

While we require our RV Warranty Forever program members to perform scheduled maintenance on their RVs, our maintenance guidelines are simple.

Travel trailer owners must have the roof and seals inspected, axles and hubs lubed, furnace annually inspected, blower and combustion chamber cleaned, control compartment cleaned, and gas lines tested for leaks. The hot water heater must also be cleaned and flushed.

Motorhome users must perform similar maintenance procedures with the addition of having the front and rear suspension components greased.

Find Out More About Our RV Warranty Forever

Give us a call, log online or stop in and see us to find out more about our exclusive RV Warranty Forever program here at CCRV. It’s one more way we strive to make your RV lifestyle more enjoyable.

Texas Labor Day Festivities, Get Your Texas RV Ready!

There are many Labor Day festivities happening in Texas, and you may want to pack up your new or used Texas RV and head out to join in the fun. Stop at CCRV, a Corpus Christi RV dealership, to pick up things you may need for your trip or to have your RV checked before you make a long trip.

Check the RV a week ahead of time, to ensure everything is working properly. If you have a motorized RV, be sure to check all the fluids and make sure the engine is running properly. A day before you leave, pack up everything you need for the long Labor Day weekend — food, clothing and some fun things to keep yourself occupied in the evening hours, especially if you have children. Depending on where you are in Texas, the weather could get cool during the Labor Day weekend, so pack clothing for warm and cool weather, then head out to enjoy the festivities.

Visit our store to get everything you need for your trip. Photo Credit: CCRV

~ Luckenbach Music Festival: Visit the Luckenbach Music Festival for plenty of good music and plenty of beer and dancing. You’ll have to buy the beer, but the dancing and music are free. If you have children, you should pass this one up and take your kids to the Brady Goat Cook-Off instead.

~ Brady Goat Cook-Off: Texas’s annual Labor Day goat cook-off is fun for the whole family, whether you are there to sample the wares or you think you can cook goat better than anyone else. Get there early to get a good camping spot, because campers line the park. You might want to make some reservations earlier in the year, as the spots fill up quickly and finding a motel is a chore.

~ Celebrate Bandera: Visit Bandera, the cowboy capital of the world for music, longhorn cattle, horses, an Intertribal Powwow, gunfights, a Wild West Show, Bull Riding and to listen to the Kings of Western Swing.

~ Palomino Fest and Pro Rodeo: Another event that is fun for the whole family is the Palominio Fest and Pro Rodeo. Enjoy a parade, a carnival and a rodeo — the perfect fun-filled weekend for a great Labor Day.

~ Kendall County Fair: If you prefer a fair atmosphere, the Kendall County Fair is perfect for the entire family. Have fun on the fair rides, watch the rodeo, eat all the great junk food normally found at fairs and make sure you visit the Rockin’ BBQ Cook-Off.

Maintaining Your RV Tires



The tires on your RV keep you on the road. If they are not properly maintained, an unexpected blow out or loss of traction could cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Visiting a local Texas RV dealer for regular replacement is the best way to stay on schedule when traveling. Performing routine maintenance and checks between sets of new tires will ensure you catch problems before they put your vehicle at risk.

Balance Your Load

Keeping your furnishings and other cargo evenly distributed over the entire motor home prevents unusual wear on one side. When tires wear quickly on just one side, the vehicle will pull to that side and makes steering difficult. Always respect the posted weight limits for your recreational vehicle as well. If you are not sure how much weight you are carrying, visit a weighing station and check.

Keep An Eye On Pressure

Proper tire pressure increases gas mileage, provides correct grip on the road and prevents damage to the rims. Check your tire pressure each morning if you are on the road. Measure it again before departing from a campground and before and after storing it for any time, even as short as a month.

Prepare Your Tires

The right cleaning and protection routine will help your RV tires last for years instead of just one season if you store it during the winter. Clean the tires with soap and water before storing to prevent salts or minerals from damaging the rubber. Cover them so UV rays from sunlight can’t cause cracking, and unload the RV to reduce weight. Blocks or moving the vehicle every three months prevent the development of flat spots.

Check The Age

Tires degrade with age no matter how well they are stored. If you purchase used RVs for sale, have the tires inspected and ask for the technician to read the manufacturing year from the DOT number stamped onto them. Tires over 3 years in age should probably be replaced before you take your new RV out for a trip.

CCRV can help you maintain your tires and replace them when the time comes. Our service team is backed by one of the largest parts warehouses found at an RV dealer. We can match any RV with the perfect set of tires. If you need more space, check out our extensive used and new RV inventory as well.

What to look for when getting new tires for your RV

One of the things that needs to be properly checked and maintained on your travel trailer is the tires. The condition and type of tires that you have on your rig can impact the way that your RV works and moves. If your tires are worn out or show signs of aging, then it is time to replace them. If you keep putting off getting those new tires, then you are putting yourself at risk for an accident, and you may actually be spending more money on the road. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure and checking on their condition can go a long way in making you a happier RVer.

Whenever you stop to fuel up your RV, you should always check the pressure. If you are driving on under inflated tires, then you are not only wearing your tires out faster, but you are also losing fuel efficiency. You may also face issues with how your RV handles, and may face the risk of a blow out. You should always keep an eye on your tires for any issues concerning air pressure and tread wear.

When you do notice that it is time for you to get new tires, it is easy to simply get the same type that were on your rig before. Before you just tell the guy at the shop to throw on another pair of the same tires, you should instead make sure that your tires are designed to carry the weight of your rig. If you are a full timer or carry a lot of things with you, you may be overloading your tires which can lead to big problems down the road. Before you have new tires installed, have your RV weighed with everything in it to choose a tire that is correct for what you are hauling.

Be sure to take care of the tires on your new RV. If you do, they will take you far.