Towing Your Boat with Your Motorhome


If you own an RV, there’s a chance you might also own a boat. And it makes sense, as RVs and motorhomes are great vehicles for towing and taking your boat with you when you’re heading to a lake or to the coast.

You can’t necessarily hook it up and go, however. There are special considerations when towing a boat behind an RV, so make sure to read up on these pointers.

Get a Proper Trailer

If you have your boat but have yet to purchase a trailer, that’s the first step. Make sure that you get a trailer that supports the weight of your boat and that your boat can be properly secured to said trailer. Additionally, make sure that the trailer can hitch to your particular RV. This isn’t an issue in most cases, but it’s good to cover your bases.

Most States Require a Brake Light System

If you’re towing more than 1500 lbs., which you undoubtedly are if you’re towing a boat, you’re going to need your trailer to have a brake light system. While not every state requires this, enough of them do that, again, it’s good to cover your bases.

Know the Speed Limit

Towing vehicles may have additional speed limitations that supersede posted speed limits. For instance, in Texas the speed limit for a towing vehicle is 70mph on the interstates.

Have the Proper License

You may already have the proper license due to your RV, but if you have a smaller motorhome, adding the additional weight from your boat may bump you up to the next license class. Know the combined weight and check with the DMV.

Do Some Cursory Online Research for the States You’ll Pass Through

Of course this article doesn’t cover every nuance of towing a boat behind a motorhome and there are additional details to consider, so do a simple Google search for each state you’ll have to pass through in order to reach your boating destination.

Visit CCRV Before You Go

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