Stay Away From These Texas Critters

Texas has some beautiful terrain and nobody could blame you for wanting to run to your Corpus Christi RV dealer right away and getting a vehicle to take you to explore the Texas wilderness. Before you buy the nicest new or used RV your Texas RV dealer has to offer, however, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the unfriendly critters in Texas you might want to avoid (and I’m not just talking about some of my neighbors). There are a number of potentially dangerous animals in Texas that could but a real damper on your trip if you’re not careful with them.

Reptiles are often the first thing people think of when they think of dangerous animals, and Texas has a few worth paying attention to. Diamondback rattlesnakes are fairly common in Texas and they are venomous, as are the other two types of vipers in Texas, the copperhead and the (sometimes aggressive) water moccasin or cottonmouth. There are also coral snakes in Texas, and those are the most venomous snakes in North America.


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Creepy-crawlies are fairly common in Texas and a few of them are dangerous. The most concerning spiders are the black widow and the brown recluse, both of which can cause severe pain and discomfort if they bite a human. There are also tarantulas, but despite their reputation, they are not a major concern for humans. There are also scorpions, centipedes, fire ants, wasps, hornets, and bees, all of which can bite or sting humans to cause various degrees of pain or reaction. One particular type of bee to be aware of is the African killer bee, which has caused fatalities when attacking in swarms.

Other Texas critters that could ruin your day would include a few big cats, like the puma, panther and the mountain lion (or cougar). There are also coyotes to be careful of, especially when they are hungry or show no fear of humans. Of course, just about any wild animal could represent a threat if cornered–even a deer or a squirrel (which are sometimes rabid).

When you go and get the nicest new RV Texas has to offer, do yourself a favor and read up on how to recognize and deal with the dangerous animals before you go out into the wilderness! If you have any other tips or want to add on to our list of insects/animals to watch out for please leave us a comment!

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