Visiting McKinney Falls State Park

Make McKinney Falls State Park the home of your ultimate spring or summer RV getaway. The park, packed with breathtaking waterfalls, hiking trails, scenic picnic spots, excellent fishing, and countless other outdoor sites, is one of the best places to cool down and relax during a hot Texas spring. Even better, the park is located in Austin, so you don’t have to venture far to feel like you’re light years away from it all.

McKinney Falls State Park is known for its scenic atmosphere that provides the perfect setting for enjoying the great outdoors. Admire Old Baldy (the more than 500-year-old cypress tree on park grounds), hit the mountain biking trails, swim in Onion Creek, catch some fresh fish for dinner, snap photos of the falls, and wander through the trails in search of wildlife sightings.

Outside the park, visitors can enjoy nearby Bastrop State Park, Longhorn Cavern State Park, Buescher State Park, Lockhart State Park and numerous outdoor-oriented day trips.

McKinney Falls State park is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The busiest tourist season lasts from March through November, and the entrance fees cost $6 per day for adults. Children under the age of 12 enjoy free admission to McKinney Falls State Park.

Campsites with water and electrical service are available at the park for $20 per night plus the daily entrance fee. Basic campsites can accommodate eight campers, and the sites include a picnic table, tent pad, water, 30-amp hookup, a lantern post, a fire ring with grill and nearby showers and restrooms. Campers can also opt for premium campsites with 50-amp service for just $24 per night plus the daily entrance fee.

Visit the Park in a New RV from CCRV

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Weekend Guide to Houston

A trip to Houston can be a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Before taking any trip, it is always a good idea to make sure that your RV is in good shape. Stop by CCRV in Corpus Christi before you head to Houston for a fun-filled weekend. Once you get there, here’s what you can expect.


Many tourists enjoy visiting museums to get a feel for the local culture and see interesting attractions in the area. The Houston Museum District is a great place to start. Many people enjoy the Contemporary Art Museum, families enjoy the Children’s Museum of Houston as well as the zoo, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Health Museum, and Holocaust Museum are all popular options as well. The area is also home to various shopping and dining options, making the district a trip nearly unto itself.

Music and the Performing Arts

Other tourists enjoy seeing what the local talent has to offer. The Houston Symphony is a highly rated option for those who enjoy music. The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts offers a variety of performances throughout the year as well. Those who might like taking advantage of the warm nights Houston has to offer might also enjoy the Miller Outdoor Theater. The Houston Grand Opera is another popular choice with a variety of performances through each season.

Miscellaneous Activities

Houston also offers a variety of unique activities for locals and tourists. The Cockrell Butterfly Center offers opportunities to see beautiful butterflies in simulated rain forests and other habitats. Hermann Park, the first public park in the city, is a great place to get out doors and enjoy some of the picnic areas and scenery.

Eating Options

It is hard to visit Houston without trying the barbeque or the steak. Many of the top rated places to eat in Houston fall into this category such as Taste of Texas or Goode Company Barbeque. There are also excellent options for those who might enjoy Tex-Mex dishes, including Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen and Chuy’s. Standard American fair can be found at Mel’s Country Cafe. More exotic top rated dining option include Ephesus Mediterranean Grill and Japaniero’s Sushi Bistro.

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Taking a trip to Houston can be a fantastic way to experience new cuisine while enjoying some wonderful local museums and activities. Houston has a wonderful local culture that is fun for families and people of all ages to experience. Stop by CCRV before you go to see our inventory or to schedule some service.

RV Destination: Boerne, Texas


Looking for a quick and easy getaway this fall or winter? Try checking out Boerne (pronounced “bernie”) is just north of San Antonio and can be its own destination or an addon leg of the trip if you’re checking out San Antonio and other surrounding towns like San Marcos, Fredericksburg, or New Braunfels.

Like other nearby towns in the Hill Country of Texas, Boerne has strong German roots since it was founded by German settlers. These cultural hallmarks are evident everywhere, from the architecture of the historic downtown to the heavily German influenced cuisine, Boerne is full of fun things to do and see.

Despite the heavy German influence, the town has a variety of cuisines to enjoy, such as Mexican, BBQ, Italian, and the closely related Czech.

Try taking a walking tour of the city and enjoy the shopping along Boerne’s Hill Country Mile, which includes clothing, jewelry, antiques, art, home decor, and more.

The central location of Boerne means that you can branch out to see other nearby attractions any time you want a break from Boerne during your stay.

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Decorating your RV for Halloween


One of the great joys of RVing is enjoying some of the holidays on the road. If you will be on the road this Halloween, there is no reason to miss out on the fun of the season. Many campgrounds and parks have special Halloween parties, organize trick-or-treating for the kids, or have fall festivals and dances.

A simple online check will also reveal area haunted houses, hayrides, and other festivities.

Part of the fun is decorating your RV for Halloween and it need not be difficult or expensive. Here are some simple tips to decorating your RV this Halloween from CCRV:

  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Pumpkins are inexpensive and available everywhere this time of year. Strategically placing pumpkins around and in your RV can have a very festive effect. You can choose to leave them as they are, use a magic marker to decorate them with faces, or take the time to carve out Jack-o-lanterns. Use a glow stick to illuminate them and you are on your way!
  • Bales of Hay. Your campground may be able to direct you where you may be able to get some inexpensive bales of hay. You can spread the hay around, or use the bales to build rustic tables and chairs. Just sitting around on bales of hay can help create a harvest atmosphere.
  • Cornstalks and dried corn. You probably can find these at local farmer’s markets. Corn stalks and dried ears of corn can create terrific Halloween decorations. Use them for centerpieces, at the corners of your RV, or use entire stalks tied together in tee-pee fashion around your lot.
  • Halloween Lights. Inexpensive decorative lights are now made for just about every holiday including Halloween. String them up around the outside of your RV, the picnic table, or even on close by shrubbery.
  • Plates, Cups, Napkins, and Tablecloths. Orange and black accent items and decorations are easy to find at department and dollar type stores and can make a big impact for those fall parties.

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Fall Destinations Throughout Texas


Summer may be the busy season for Texas travel, but fall boasts some of the best temperatures for RV living throughout the state’s many destinations. With the State Fair of Texas, University of Texas football games and scenic parks with leaves changing colors, you’ll never get bored when touring Texas in your RV.

The State Fair of Texas — Dallas

The anticipated State Fair of Texas is the perfect way to kick off the fall camping season. The fair starts on Sept. 29 and extends through Oct. 22 with tons of live music, livestock shows, a 2017 auto show, exciting rides, creative arts and tons of other activities for kids and adults alike. And if you’re up for a college football game, the Texas and Oklahoma game is held at the Texas State Fair every year.

Take in the Sights — Austin

Austin is one of Texas’ favorite cities with incredible dining options, gorgeous autumn scenery, University of Texas football games, amazing live music and plenty of exciting city sites. The Austin Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and Texas Book Festival are just a few of the many fall events that take place in beautiful Austin, Texas.

Lost Maples State Park — Vanderpool

The breathtaking fall foliage doesn’t get much better than at Lost Maples State Park in Vanderpool. Because of Texas’ more mild fall temperatures, the maple trees don’t tend to change colors until mid October. And while most other parts of Texas are less crowded than the summer season, Lost Maples becomes a hot spot for tourists seeking unbelievable fall scenery. Because the park gets crowded during late fall, it’s recommended that you make campsite reservations ahead of time.

Start Your Fall Travels at CCRV

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The Best Hikes Near Houston


If you’re looking for your next destination in your RV and you’re starting out in Corpus Christi, consider going to the Houston area. It’s perfect as an end of summer destination since it’s so close by. If you’d prefer to avoid the big city though, Houston has got some pretty great natural areas near it and all of them make for a great hike. If you really like one of the parks, most have campgrounds so that you can stay overnight in your RV and make another day out of it.

Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest is massive. Covering 163000 acres, you can easily spend days exploring it. With the 128 mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, adventurous RVers can do just that. Pack your gear, lace up your hiking boots, and lock the door behind you: hiking the entirety of the trail is going to take a while, but it’s a great accomplishment if you can manage it.

Stephen F. Austin State Park

Just 50 miles from Houston, Stephen F. Austin State Park isn’t just a cool place to hike: it’s also the site of Texas’s first American colony. Before it became a country or state, Texas was part of Mexico, but Stephen F. Austin contracted with the Mexican government to settle 300 colonists from America in Texas. There are some remnants of this first colony still there along the shores of the Brazos River. Hike the park’s 12 acres with it’s 6 mile trail.

Big Thicket

Extremely biodiverse, Big Thicket is home to over 100 species of trees and 1000 species of flowering plants and ferns. The dense forest is also home to tons of wildlife. There are established hiking trails that allow you to navigate the thick foliage and see the area in its natural splendor. It’s about 90 miles outside of Houston and it’s more than worth the trip.

Galveston Island State Park

If you want to pass right through Houston, you’ll find Galveston on the other side. This swinging coastal town has also got a great natural area that’s so untouched you’d be surprised there’s human development anywhere in the immediate area. With 2000 acres, it’s easy to lose sight of anything manmade as you explore the sand dunes, wetlands, coastal prairies, and forests.

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Blanco’s Fields of Purple


You don’t have to hop on a plane and visit the French countryside to stroll through fields of lavender. Blanco, Texas, despite the name, is a rather colorful place. The hill country around Blanco in Central Texas is taken over by lavender in the summer. Farming of the colorful flower only began in the later 90s, but from the looks of it you’d believe that lavender has bloomed in Texas since the beginning of time.

A whole culture has sprung up around the flower in the Blanco area, reaching its peak each year in the second week of June with the annual Lavenderfest. The lavender itself lasts through July, so it’s not too late to head out and see the fields in all their floral glory.

Many of the lavender farms don’t mind if you stroll the fields so long as you respect the crop and refrain from picking or walking on the plants.

Blanco itself is a wonderful and charming little Texas town with several noteworthy attractions for those visiting the town in their RV. Among these attractions are the Old Blanco County Courthouse, which dates to 1885 and is centered in a classic small town square. There’s a monthly market day that sets up in the square around the courthouse, where local vendors and craftsmen setup shop and sell all manner of items, including some that are lavender-related.

You can also check out Blanco State Park, which is known for its many cool swimming holes and hiking trails.

Of course the town is full of shopping and dining options, so no matter how you look at it, Blanco is definitely worth a day or two as you travel through Texas in your CCRV.

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Seeing the Stars from Your RV


The RV lifestyle is all about spending time in the great outdoors, and that means at night too. Stargazing is one of the best activities you can do at night from the campground, and it’s easy to become a stargazer without any previous experience. Follow these simple tips to finding and enjoying the best stargazing spots around America.

Head to a Dark Sky Park

America is littered with parks that are known for their dark skies and bright stars. These parks, known as International Dark Sky Parks, are known for their exceptionally starry skies, low light pollution and preservation of the starry nighttime environment. Find a Dark Sky Park near you by logging onto the website, and you’ll be amazed by the stargazing you find in your RV.

Print a Chart

Log online and print an easy-to-use stargazing chart to help with your beginner stargazing adventures. As you advance your stargazing skills, head to a science store or log onto the website to purchase a planisphere or astronomy kit.

Search for Patterns

All stargazers started as novices. One of the best ways to advance your skills is to search for patterns among the stars. Start by searching for triangles, straight lines and curves. Once you identify the same constellations numerous times, begin searching for new ones.

Go Often

There’s no better way to advance your stargazing skills than to fire up your RV and go stargazing often. If you can’t make it to a Dark Sky Park every time you want to gaze, most state and national parks offer impressive stargazing because of their limited light pollution. Be patient about your stargazing, and keep in mind that becoming an expert stargazer takes a lot of practice.

Start Your Adventure Here

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Best Short Hikes Big Bend has to Offer


Big Bend National Park is packed with hiking trails, many of which can go on for multiple days of hiking. If you’d prefer hiking that’s less ambitious, Big Bend has got shorter trails that are just the thing. When you visit Big Bend in your CCRV, try one of these shorter hiking trails.

Hot Springs Historic Trail

The Hot Springs Historic Trail is a good day hike for beginner hikers and those looking for a relaxing time. It’s technically easy, well-marked, level, and only half a mile long. The end offers a treat in the dusty remains of a bathhouse. There’s a foundation and pool left with a natural geothermal hot spring still bubbling up. If you don’t mind getting your clothes wet or have a bathing suit, it’s the perfect way to rest after the hike before you head back. The trail is also right up against the Rio Grande and the swimming at the end of the trail is shallow and slow moving if you want to dip your toes in the river.

Window View Trail

Not far from the Chisos Mountain Lodge and the Chisos Basin Campground, there’s a little trail that’s a fifth of a mile long. While the trail itself is not noteworthy in any way, the view at the end is among the best in the park, especially at sunset. The mountains at the end of the trail perfectly frame the setting sun, as if through a window. The hike is so easy that you can enjoy the sunset at the end of each day you spend at Big Bend.

Santa Elena Canyon Trail

Winding through the eponymous canyon, the Santa Elena Canyon Trail is one of Big Bend’s most scenic short hikes available. It’s only 1.5 miles long, but there’s a lot of stunning scenery packed into that space. The trail is well-marked and fairly linear, so you won’t get lost. There are a few instances where you have to do some moderate climbing and the trail starts off by crossing the Terlingua Creek, which can be muddy depending on when you visit.

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Take a Weekend Trip to Fredericksburg, TX

CCRV recommends a Fredericksburg trip

Everybody in Texas talks about Austin, Dallas, and Houston, but what about Fredericksburg?

Look: Fredericksburg has a population of just ten thousand people, a thriving bed and breakfast industry, a strong German influence, and it’s in comfortable driving distance from CCRV in Corpus Christi. It’s really a perfect little place to visit if you’re looking to set your next adventure apart. Here are some neat things to know about Fredericksburg…

The Sister City of Montabaur, Germany

The German look of Fredericksburg isn’t just for the tourists, it’s the real thing, and Fredericksburg actually has a sister city in Germany. Fredericksburg is a little slice of Germany here in America. You’ve been to Chinatowns before, this is a Germantown.

The Movies

Fredericksburg has been the setting for a number of movies in the past, including Seven Days in Utopia, where the golf scenes with Robert Duvall were filmed here and in Utopia, Texas. If you’re a golfer, you may want to check this movie out to get an idea of what the greens look like out in Fredericksburg.

Cross Mountain

Germans love the mountains. This is true of little Germany here in Texas, and big Germany over in Europe, and Cross Mountain is an amazing one to visit if you find yourself RVing in the area and looking for a little bit of hiking or biking. With an elevation of 1,915 feet, the mountain was actually used as a beacon for Native Americans to signal one another of invaders in the territory.

Food and Shopping

Fredericksburg also has a thriving downtown, where you can spend the day eating at the local bistros, some of which offer a taste of Germany, and visiting the local shops. Want to get out of the RV for a night or two? Try one of the beds and breakfasts!

It’s hard to take an RV to Europe for a vacation, but with a trip to Fredericksburg, you can do the next best thing. The last thing you expect to see while traveling through the American Southwest is a little taste of Germany, but here it is, a European vacation for the price of one tank of gas. That’s how close Fredericksburg is to Corpus Christi and CCRV!