Tomorrow is National Plant a Flower Day

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Just because you’ve transitioned to a full-time RV lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to give up the house plants that brought warmth to your brick-and-mortar home. Many of your house plants will thrive in your new home on wheels, and since tomorrow is National Plant a Flower Day, it’s time to decorate your RV with plants that travel well.

Plant an Herb Garden

Plants don’t just help your RV feel more like a home, they moisturize the dry interior of your motorhome or travel trailer too. And when you decide to plant an herb garden, you get the added bonus of tasty additions to the meals you cook on the road. Almost any herb will fare well in the interior of an RV, but it’s important to make sure you plant herbs with similar stems together. Cilantro and basil pair well because of their softer stems and more woody stemmed herbs like rosemary and thyme grow well together.

Take Your House Plants

Most house plants will travel well in your RV as long as you have a contained place to store them (like a bathtub) while your vehicle is in motion. Ferns and spider plants will look great hanging from your RV’s awning if you plan to park and stay a while, and aloe, golden pothos, gerber daisies, and fig trees are all house plants that will thrive in your RV and moisturize the air as well.

Your moving vehicle poses more threat to a plant’s survival than the interior atmosphere of your RV, so be sure to store your plants properly whenever you’re on the road and nearly any plant will fare as well in your RV as it did in your home.

Plant a Flower

We can’t neglect the namesake of the day. Flowers brighten up any environment, including your RV. Flowers that can flourish indoors include poinsettias, orchids, and African violets, though there are many more. Any hardy, low-light flower ought to flourish, but you can offset the low-light requirement by taking your flowers out when you stop for the day and letting them soak up some sun.


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End of October Events Taking Place in Corpus Christi

There always seems to be things going on in and around Corpus Christi, and late October is no exception. If you are looking for things to do in the area, your Texas RV dealer, CCRV, invites you to these events in the last week of the month. Of course this time of year, many events have a Halloween theme to them.

A Ghoulish Fall Festival will be on October 25th from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m., at the Baker Middle School on Pecan Street. There will be a haunted house, dunking booth, silent auction, food and more.

The Haunted Museum will be open from October 25th, through October 27th from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., in the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History on Chaparral Street. There will be flashlight tours of the Haunted Museum & Maze. Each cost $10 or you can get admission to both for $15.

The Run Amuck 5K Fun Mud Run will be on October 26th from 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Gulf Coast Race Track on Leopard Street. For the bigger kids, there will be a 5K run that has a muddy and wet obstacle course. For the smaller ones, there’s a 1K muddy fun run.

If you are into being really scared, try out the Fright Night Haunted House. The dates that the house will be open are October 24th through the 26th and October 29th through November 2nd from 7 p.m. until midnight. The Haunted House is located at 615 Mesquite in Corpus Christi.

Not all events are Halloween related. There’s the Corpus Christi Bridal Expo that will take place on October 27th starting at noon at 1901 North Shoreline Boulevard, in Corpus Christi.

The South Texas Mudfest and BBQ Cook-Off is being held at the South Texas Speedway on October 25th through the 27th, 2013. The South Texas Speedway is located at 6701 Old Brownsville Road in Corpus Christi.

Enjoy these community activities and have a safe Halloween. Remember, CCRV is here to serve your RV needs all year long. We have everything from brand new luxury fifth wheels to used RVs. See us soon at CCRV, your Corpus Christi RV dealer!

RV Driving Safety: Driving While Tired


A long drive in your motorhome can soon make your eyelids feel heavy. They used to call it road hypnosis. That is when the open road and passing lane markers can start to lull you into a very tired state. While everyone knows the dangers about drunk driving, there is not much said about driving while tired. Studies have shown that driving while tired is as dangerous, if not more so, than driving after a few drinks. Since many RVers travel from one part of the country to the next, this is a huge risk for them.

While you may have set a schedule to get to your destination by a certain time, you must realize that trying to fight off your drowsiness may not always work. If you find yourself behind the wheel having a hard time keeping your eyes open or concentrating on the road then it is time for you to pull over and take a break. It is recommended that you pull over and take a breather every two hours. If you are feeling tired then you may want to take a quick power nap. These are naps that take between 15 and 30 minutes that are a great way to refresh your batteries.

It is best if you have someone else who is able to drive your RV. This will allow you to take turns driving and keeping a fresh pair of eyes on the road. While it is great to have a thermos full of hot coffee with you while driving, do not go overboard and drink the entire thing in one sitting. This may keep you awake, but it can also impair your driving skills. The best way to combat tired driving is with regular breaks to stretch and keep your mind functioning.

While we all love making great time on the road, the safety of yourself, your passengers and other drivers should come first. Make use of your new RV and take a break in the back if you need to and you will be able to drive across the country in safety and comfort.

Properly Storing Your RV

When winter rolls around, many part time RVers put their favorite toy away for the year. Most of the time this is due to weather constrictions, but having a RV in Corpus Christi means we don’t really face that problem. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t months where you feel that it is time to put your RV in long term storage. There is more that goes into parking your RV and leaving it still for a few months, and if you don’t properly store your rig you may be paying for it down the line.

It doesn’t matter if you are storing your RV inside or out, you need to take care of your batteries. It is easy for your batteries to discharge from lack of use or in colder temperatures. Before you store your RV you need to be sure to clean your battery terminals of any corrosion and fill the cells with distilled water. Keep your batteries stored in a cool, dry place and keep them attached to a maintenance charger.

After you have taken care of your batteries, make sure to use your RV cover.  Buying a good, high quality cover can protect your RV from the elements. Dirt, rain, and the sun can do a number on your RV’s paint and tires. Make sure you properly put your cover on your RV, and crack a window so no moisture gets trapped inside. It is also a great idea to wash and dry your rig before you put on the cover to help keep your paint and exterior strong.

Taking care of your motor home or travel trailer means storing your rig properly when it’s not on the road. The winter may be the quiet time for your RV travels, but it is never the quiet time for maintaining your RV.